Summary of the OCR Privacy Rule

by, admin on February 21, 2012

With the consideration that patient health information should be safeguarded at all times, the OCR has established its privacy rules that indicate the principles and ethics regarding the subject of patient health safety rules and regulations. Individually identifiable health information evolves over the patient’s mental or physical health that ranges over the past, present and future, the payment of healthcare with detailed information as to the patient’s identity and other personal information. The Privacy Rule does not include health information of the patient or individual held by a covered entity. The disclosure of de-identified health information of an individual has no restrictions and de-identification of information can be determined only by an expert statistician or if identifiers of the patient is removed by the family, relations or by the employer and can be effected if the covered entity has no information on the individual.

The OCR Privacy Rule determines the principles for disclosure and uses of a patient’s health information. Covered entities are not authorized to use or disclose an individual’s health information unless permitted by a written power of attorney authorized by the patient or individual. A disclosure of health information of an individual is allowed only on an investigation of the HHS or by the request of relations of the said individual. The permitted disclosures and uses of a patient’s health information can be accessed only upon a request from the individual, for payment operations, for the intention of research, for the opportunity to disagree or agree and for the interest of the public or that which may benefit the public.

The uses and disclosures of protected health information of an individual are allowed for listing in the covered healthcare facility directory on an informal request. The incidental use and disclosure of the healthcare information can be used by covered entities only “minimum necessary” as is required with the necessary safeguards taken by the covered entity according to the Privacy Rule. The health information of the patient can used or disclosed for notification and other purposes to the person or relation who is directly involved in the health care of the patient, to the pharmacist for dispensing the medication and for notification reasons to public or private entities who are authorized by charter or law in assisting disaster relief efforts.

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